So what is the Boxfords formula?

Take a pinch of the traditional, add in a twist of the unusual, then mix it all up with a large stick of vintage retro and what have you got?!

We’ve searched the UK to find the most innovative companies. The best of British designs from the likes of Suck UK, Disaster Designs, Bronte, Heaven Sends, Lego Storage, Wild and Wolf, and many others.

From snuggly soft lambswool throws to extra large industrial style wall clocks. From mid-century modern to upcycled vintage and from country cottage to shabby chic.  We love the stuff we’ve found and we hope you do too!

Our aim is to combine our love of high quality gifts, homeware and accessories with the best in customer service, including hassle free returns.  Hey, we’ll even try and throw in a bit of fun along the way!

Basically, we want you to be happy shopping on, and if that means you’re sat in your dressing gown and slippers, well, we won’t tell if you don’t!  (Just don’t try it on the High Street or the men in white coats may chase after you.)

So use your head, sit back, relax, and shop!

Catch you later!


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4 Responses to So what is the Boxfords formula?

  1. Yum!
    Am also novice blogger and think yours looks great – good enough to eat!

    • Alison says:

      Thanks! I’ve just finished eating my teatime pancakes and they were rather yummy. Roll on suppertime, chocolate and Baileys I think.

      Alison x

  2. As a new business blog you should definitely link up at Love All Blogs Tell them I sent you ;)

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